About me

I am Jon Edge. I’m what some would call a Private Sector Consultant working with Integrated Marketing Communications. I do that branding stuff and advertising although I haven’t really been hands on for a long time. I am a designer at heart and I understand business. I’ve worked at some of the world’s best and biggest branding and advertising agencies, occasionally at the same time. I wrote a book with my mate Andy called ‘Don’t Mess With The Logo’. I’ve won a few awards, and judged most of the good ones. I’ve written articles in the F.T., Wall Street Journal and various industry magazines. Some don’t understand my generous thoughts and are confused as to why I don’t monetise everything. Man can not eat money and the meek will inherit the hearth.  I’m fascinated by the world and its wonders and am constantly seeking new influences and muses to work out the pattern of the cosmos that surrounds us. My genius is a burden and I strive to use its energy for good. This blog represents my own views and those of others that I can successfully pass off as my own. They do not necessarily reflect those of my clients or associates. Or anyone else. Enjoy your meal. Peace.

If you’re that bothered you can follow me on twitter: @Edgemeister


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