What will your Facebook memory be of today, in one year’s time?
A loved one? cat picture? crazy meme? your lunch?

What if you unplug, unlearn and become reality native for the day.
Imagine having an extra “free hour every weekend”

How would that work? Switch your smartphone off for an hour and see.

So, this weekend how about spending time with your loved ones,
your friends, family, stroke your cat, no selfie, no hashtag, no filter.

Less tapping, scrolling and more dialling, talking, listening.
Tell them in person not over the world wide web.

Write a haiku not a tweet, paint a picture, cook something new.
Get out there, live the moment, jump in the puddles, kick the leaves,
hold hands, laugh, cry, dream.

Because it’s not often we get a chance to put the clock back.



About thejonedge

Creative, designer, business do-er, author and thinker.
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