How much do you think a standard house brick is worth?
A solitary brick, not the rights to it, no intellectual property,
concrete and assorted materials fired in a kiln, a brick.
In this international currency existence, let’s say $1

Then we give 100 of these to our mate Damien Hirst and he creates
a masterpiece of momento mori called “Dust to Dust” in the shape of one
huge brick made of the 100 bricks. Yes, people will scoff, ever since Duchamp
apparently took the piss with his signed urinal, there’s a huge demand
for post modern-modernist art. Exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery,
it is now for sale at how much? let’s pretend a modest $1,000,000

What if I take one of those same bricks and throw it through the
window of Buckingham Palace with #DustyShowbiz tied to it?
It nearly bops the Queen on the head. The next day the Sun runs
with “Liz bricks it after mortar attack” or something funnier.
Now how much is the one standard brick worth?
It’s priceless. Because it’s in the papers and even on the BBC News,
media placement that you can’t buy, not with money.

No more stupid than the Sex Pistols saying “bollocks”, all of a sudden
you’ve a much bigger audience.

And that’s how hype works.

There are many types of media. Mediums. We believe in spaghetti trees. We believe in aliens. We believe that Spurs will win the league. The illuminati is another spook story. It exists no more than those that are enlightened. There will always be someone at the top of the pyramid, there will always be the illusion of choice. Figureheads merely provide smoke and mirrors and a mouthpiece. Do you really believe that when you were elected as “Milk Monitor” you had any further power than redistributing a commodity that had already been decided upon by many levels above you?

Which is why I’m bemused by Trump more than scared by him. I’m concerned by the stupidity of how he came to be in the final furlongs of a two horse race. Then I thought about what he has to gain either way and the priceless exposure that he has generated.

After Oxygen (which Trump uses far too much of) Silicone is the most abundant
resource on our planet. It is used to make everything from composite microchips to
yep, you guessed it, bricks.

You see you can build a big wall for Mexicans or you can build schools for Africans.
You could make sure everyone had a home and every child had a computer. You can split society or you can seek to Unite the States of your country. You can go for the extreme vote and stand out against the populist, to become the alternative. Or you could ask the people not just tell them what they want. You could have some fresh real policies or you could just jump about and wave banners.

By creating controversy, by elevating himself into altercation with Clinton, Trump hyped himself into the most hallowed space of all – our heads. In a click based currency of popularity, he can’t lose.

For if he isn’t the next President, he has far more media rights to his story than if he is.

Don’t even get me started on Honey G



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