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Unconditional Ideas

Be free with your ideas and you will generate more. As creative people a transferable skill is thinking. Maths exists in two basic disciplines – pure and applied. I believe there will be more integration for the new entrepreneur. Both is … Continue reading

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Never mind the Botox

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by a bacterium. Infection with this bacterium can result in a fatal disease called botulism. What we might call an old school type of disease. Don’t look up the symptoms for this if … Continue reading

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The secret life of men

I was somewhat shocked (and late in the day) to hear Rosie Arnold had finally left BBH. Let’s hope she shines in her new role at AMV/BBDO. She called it a “soft landing”. Tiger Savage (probably the best name in … Continue reading

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Brand flakes™

As is often the case with clients, agencies will offer: “Brand is the answer. Now what’s the question?” You probably wouldn’t go to a hip replacement specialist for a nose job. Many companies similarly claim to be holistic or ‘media … Continue reading

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