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An unoriginal thought

Belief is what we don’t know. Knowledge is what we learn. Intelligence is the quality and quantity of what we know. Faith is extreme belief in the absence of tangible fact. 78% of statistics are made up, you know the … Continue reading

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How stuff works

Art, especially the modern kind is about subjective expression. The greats are often apparently self-indulgent, you’re not always meant to understand things. Design is about order. If the thing is not in the right place, then it’s in the wrong … Continue reading

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Success has many fathers

“That’s been done before” is probably up there with my most annoying phrases. Probably by the sort of savant like people that take pleasure in clustering logos together to create some sort of gamut based pie chart. About as helpful … Continue reading

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The tale of ‘Kipper’

Dave’s having a pint in his local pub when he sees this guy holding court and making everyone laugh. He says to his mate “who’s that?” – “That’s Kipper” says his mate. They carry on drinking. “Well, why don’t I … Continue reading

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